What do International Forest School (iForest) children do?

They spend the day in nature playing with their surroundings. Children learn from curiosity, discovery and investigating.

Where does iForest meet?

We will meet in a designated location (park, grocery store, station) in order to ease into the day.

Where does iForest go?

We are a mobile school with scouted locations around an hour drive. We thrive to find location that is secluded or private land.

What about the weather?

Weather is one of the most valuable teachers. iForest will follow the Japan Meteorological Agency when there is inclement weather we will cancel school.

Is there a curriculum?

At iForest we use an emergent curriculum. We follow the children’s interest throughout the day with supplemental materials to enhance learning.

Is it dangerous?

The safety of the children is our first and utmost concern. We make sure to scout the area to mark out the hazards which the children do not have knowledge of. Part of learning self awareness is to find out our threshold to be more risk-averse.

What is the ratio of teachers to students?

We are here to provide the best education possible with a low teacher to students ratio of 1:3.

What are the requirements?

We do require the child to be potty trained. Proper layering/clothing for the day is a must. Suggested lists can be found below.