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Kai Chang


Love of the Outdoors

The freedom to play, explore, get hurt, and to be in pure nature is being lost in our youth. If we think about our own childhood experiences what was that like? My fondest memories as a child were playing outdoors in the creek with friends, camping with the Cub Scouts of America, and being outside. We built makeshift rafts, explored the neighborhood, learnt about our environment, and dealt with the weather without adult supervision. My passion is to give that right to explore, play and be in nature back to the children in an educational setting. This is why iForest was created.

Working in Tokyo I realized there are crucial parts of child development that needed to be met. “School ready” is becoming the norm for our society with academics being taught in preschools. In reality, this is the only time children can be children. They will learn when their body and mind are developmentally ready. Children have the intrinsic ability to learn when they feel safe, with ample time and space. This can be provided in several practices, however I’ve found that inside the classroom their are too many rules. They cannot run, jump and test their capabilities when needed. In my experience, when children are in nature they can truly have the freedom to express themselves.

From the experience of my childhood I have become closer to nature and in return learnt how to take care of our environment. The best kind of SDG is by building the connection with nature when they are young. iForest is a place I want for my own children to go in order to have a deep connection with nature, while living in a city.

When time allows it you can see me on the trails hiking, in the woods camping, snowboarding and SCUBA diving.


In the pursuit to become a confident outdoor counselor Kai has been in the educational field since 2007. Starting with the U.S. Peace Corps to a MS in Early Childhood and Family Development from Missouri State University. He has worked in prominent international schools in Minato municipality and he is a board member at NPO Harmony International School, Fujisawa, Japan.

Kai is also a JBS (Japan Bushcraft School) certified advisor, is WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certified through Wilderness Medical Associates International, and will soon be a Level 3 Forest School Leader 

Emi Takahashi


What Nature Provides

I believe outdoor education is a kind of pedagogy that allows the children to stretch their ability by unleashing their senses in an untamed environment. Through these experiences children have the chance to explore, interact and be exposed to the scenery around them.

When I was a student and working. I realized that learning through the uses of our five senses develops more insightful thoughts.

I started my career as an environmental education program coordinator planning for students in and out of Japan. My starting point was getting myself into outdoor activities and hands-on courses including attending a summer course at Edible Schoolyard Project in 2019.

Remembering my experiences from my early childhood and throughout my career, guiding ASEAN university students, my belief became more solid that being present and using your five senses to feel is one of the most important ways to know the subject matter at hand.

Hobbies and Skills

Emi is WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certified through Wilderness Medical Associates International.

She actively participates in Imagine BonOdoribu group, a traditional Japanese folk dance, she lives a holistic lifestyle and is also an interpreter and translator.