into The Wild

We aim to provide a forest school education in the safety of carefully selected outdoor locations. In order to provide the real forest experience we will bring children to secluded outdoor locations whether it’s raining, sunny or snowing. We believe the weather can be some of the best lessons for self-regulation.


At iForest we believe that connection with nature at an early age will help us have a deeper appreciation of our beautiful world. There is a freedom of learning from the outdoors that cannot be learned within four walls of a traditional classroom. With a play-based, child-led program the children have choices to explore what interests them and promotes individualized learning.


Outward Bound

Full time / 2-4 days a week / 3-6 year old

This is our regular school program where the children can spend quality time in nature, building confidence, building resilience, creating, taking risks, observing, in an emergent curriculum and everything else that comes with being a child.

Saturday Explorers

1st and 3rd Saturday of the month/ 6+ year olds

This program give the opportunity for brush craft, hiking, teamwork, and playing in a natural environment.

Day Session

Single day 3+ year old

This program allows flexibility in our programs. All the essential learning and playing will be included. Please contact us for requests.

What Our Parents are Saying

What did your child like about iForest sessions?

“I saw him smile most when encountering something new and interesting. Also I think he was proud of himself when he could climb up and down places by himself.”

– Garth (Riku’s Dad)

What values do you think this kind of education has to offer? 

“Understanding the ecosystem and the importance of sustainability. Be confident and curious, also respect to the nature.

-Rika (Leo’s Mom)

What did you think of the experience? 

“So much better! Did not expect to find actual FOREST locations – really happy to see that Callie had a day in the wilderness, rather than just Arisugawa.”

-Sunny (Callie’s Mom)

Schedule and Booking

*Two different age groups available.
*Each session runs for 6 hours including pick up and drop off.
** We’re currently upgrading the booking site.

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Currently only in Minato City but we’re very happy to spread the forest to your city. Send us a quick email to let us know.

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