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We believe that children grow, learn, and thrive best when immersed in nature. Our outdoor programs support the needs of children by using a whole-child, emergent learning approach. Our goal is to nurture their hearts and minds while strengthening their sense of place, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

Our Team

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Kai Chang


Working in Tokyo I realized there are crucial parts of child development that needed to be met. “School ready” is becoming the norm for our society with academics being taught in preschools. In reality, this is the only time children can be children. They will learn when their body and mind are developmentally ready. Children have the intrinsic ability to learn when they feel safe, with ample time and space. This can be provided in several practices, however I’ve found that inside the classroom their are too many rules. They cannot run, jump and test their capabilities when needed. In my experience, when children are in nature they can truly have the freedom to express themselves. From the experience of my childhood I have become closer to nature and in return learnt how to take care of our environment.


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WFA (Wilderness First Aid) certified through Wilderness Medical Associates International 

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Japan, JBS (Japan Bushcraft School) certified advisor

Board member at NPO Harmony International School, Fujisawa,

Degree in Family Development from Missouri State University.

U.S. Peace Corps to a MS in Early Childhood


Hisami Muramatsu


I have worked with children for over 20 years, they have always helped me with my interpersonal growth. In my time working in Tokyo international schools, I have always been interested in education in nature, which I could not experience in an urban school life. Born and raised in the countryside of Shizuoka, I have first hand experience that there is so much to learn being surrounded by nature. The ability to notice, feel, and enjoy it is a very important part of early childhood education.

The time spent using all five senses, interacting with the earth, the sun, the sea, rivers, plants, and animals, thinking and acting for oneself, and deepening the experience will become an irreplaceable asset. The ability to act on one’s own interests and thoughts, rather than just following instructions given to them, is essential for development. 

My goal is to provide an environment that allows children to develop their sensitivity, adventurous spirit, and sense of interest, which grow dramatically during their early childhood years. Not only children, but adults as well need to be thrilled and excited.

Let’s play with the earth together in our forest playground with unlimited possibilities.


Sivananda Yoga logo

Sivananda Yoga Instructor

Hoikushi License

Aroma Kentei Level 1

Relaxation Masseuse

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Karla Santos

Explorers Club Guide

In a world where the rush to grow up often overshadows the joys of childhood, I believe in preserving the spirit of adventure and play.

From a young age, I’ve been exposed to many different sports and hobbies. But I found my passion in softball, jiujitsu, and hiking.

As an Explorers Club guide, I cherish the opportunity for children to embrace silliness and spontaneity. I’ve coached middle school softball and plyometrics, ensuring that learning motor skills was as enjoyable as it was beneficial. Yet, beneath the surface of skill-building, there was always an undercurrent of fun.

Now, I’m just as excited to be able to share my love for hiking. Through our hiking club, we aim to explore the beauty of nature, foster a sense of community, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Join me on the trails, and let’s rediscover the joy of adventure together!


First Aid Certified – Pre-Med Society of Ateneo


They spend the day in nature playing with their surroundings. Children learn from curiosity, discovery and investigating.

We will meet in a designated location (park, grocery store, station) in order to ease into the day.

We are a mobile school with scouted locations around an hour drive. We thrive to find location that is secluded or private land.

Weather is one of the most valuable teachers. iForest will follow the Japan Meteorological Agency when there is inclement weather we will cancel school.

At iForest we use an emergent curriculum. We follow the children’s interest throughout the day with supplemental materials to enhance learning.

The safety of the children is our first and utmost concern. We make sure to scout the area to mark out the hazards which the children do not have knowledge of. Part of learning self awareness is to find out our threshold to be more risk-averse.

We are here to provide the best education possible with a low teacher to students ratio of 1:3.

We do require the child to be potty trained. Proper layering/clothing for the day is a must. Suggested lists can be found below.

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