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Program Overview

At iForest Explorers Club, our goal is to instill a profound love and understanding of nature in children aged 7 and above. Led by passionate outdoor enthusiasts, our guided hikes not only immerse your child in the breathtaking beauty of Tokyo’s landscapes but also offer hands-on opportunities to cultivate essential physical skills. Through navigating rugged terrain, conquering natural obstacles, and fostering self-regulation, our program builds confidence, coordination, and awareness. As your child delves into the wonders of the natural world, they’ll also develop a deep appreciation for conservation and environmental stewardship. Join us today and witness your child’s journey to becoming a confident explorer, intimately connected to nature and equipped with the skills to thrive in adulthood!

Benefits Of Explorers Club

– Small Group Size 10 Max (1:5 ratio)
– Weather Resilience
– Navigation
– Sustainable Mindset
– Develop Healthy Lifestyle 

– Holistic Nature Exploration

– Mindful Connections


Drop Off Time: 8am
Pick Up Time: 3pm

Location: Shinjuku JR South Gate (We will use public transportation) 


Sturdy footwear, Weather-appropriate clothing & accessories, Outdoor backpack, 700ml+ water bottle, Lunch, 5,000 yen preloaded IC card for transportation


We Will Provide:

Sunscreen, Bug spray, Medical kits, Extra water

iForest Explorers Club




4 Saturdays a Month



Drop Off/ Pick Up Location:

Shinjuku JR South Exit - Next To The Red Mail Post
PXL 20240302 230139062

Price Per Month
*tax included

4 Times - ¥52,000 (Value of 23% off)
3 Times - ¥42,000 (Value of 18% off)
2 Times - ¥32,000 (Value of 6% off)
1 Time - ¥17,000

One Time Membership Fee: ¥30,000

1 Time Trial- ¥14,000 (No Membership Required)

Process Of Enrollment

1. Register – Click “Register to this program” button below
*Prepare a photo of your child and insurance card to upload
2. Email- You will receive an email with the invoice, Line link, and more details.
3. Dates- Choose which dates to join



Pickup location

My Basket Nishi-Azabu

〒106-0031 Tokyo, Minato City, Nishiazabu, 3 Chome−13−14

My Basket Nishi-Azabu

〒106-0031 Tokyo, Minato City, Nishiazabu, 3 Chome−13−14

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