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Karuizawa Nature Adventure 2023

Karuizawa Nature Adventure with iForest 2023

Embrace the Outdoors for an Adventure of a Lifetime

Looking for an extraordinary summer adventure for your kids? Look no further than TCG Nature Adventure in Karuizawa. Nestled in the beautiful natural surroundings of Karuizawa, this program offers children ages 4-7 an unforgettable summer experience that combines outdoor exploration, exciting challenges, and a deep appreciation for nature.

Explore the Stunning Natural Landscape of Karuizawa

We are offering this Nature Adventure program at Karuizawa over four weeks, with each week presenting a unique experience for participants. Here are the available dates for this summer:

  • Week 1: July 24 – 28
  • Week 2: July 31 – August 4
  • Week 3: August 7 – 11 (Already Full)
  • Week 4: August 14 – 18

What to Expect

Your child will embark on a thrilling daily journey during the Nature Adventure program. The day begins with a meet-up at Karuizawa Station in the morning, followed by a drive to the day’s destination. Once there, the children will prepare for the day’s activities, including dressing appropriately for the weather and preparing for exploration and adventure. We provide lunch, offering a healthy and delicious meal to fuel their energy. After more play and exploration, the day concludes with a return to Karuizawa Station by 3:00 pm, leaving your child with cherished memories and new skills.


Start date

July 24, 2023

End date

August 18, 2023
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